Border Control House by Yves & Bert
by Harry / August 28, 2009

Graphic designers Yves & Bert of Kaartjeshuis have renovated a century old border control house in Belgium...

Yves & Bert of






From Yves & Bert:

Something about the process first. We wanted to combine different things. First of all living in the country side (after living in the city), secondly open spaces and daylight, some ecological principles, and last; a budget.
The house was originally built as a gatekeeper's or border control house (in the beginning of the previous century), but has been rebuilt several times over the years. We stripped the house from all annexes, and removed all inner walls as well.
We rebuilt with an eco-touch on the outside; a big wooden box was put against the old house (with eco-labeled wood for the box & windows, and solar panels on the roof).
Inside the house we wanted space, and an open atmosphere, which links perfectly to the big windows around the house (over 40 square meters downstairs), and the lack of doors (only the toilet and the wash room have one).
The decorating finds its origin in Scandinavian design, but mixed with different sorts of accessories and furnishings. We love design, and good-looking things, but also think it does not have to be expensive to be great. We mix all sorts of things until we find the ideal combination. Think of furniture and accessories found on flea markets or second-hand shops, inherited from family, and some IKEA (e.g. The IKEA PS Hella Jongerius vases or wall decoration).



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